You can see the tire delaminating in the video at the 3.05 mark and down the highway (some of the riders are even looking at the tire carcass rolling behind the RR). so CLEARLY it is slashed during the initial confrontation. Why nobody notice this, I have no idea » 10/02/13 6:51pm 10/02/13 6:51pm

If you watch the video, you can see at 3.05 in, one of the Range Rover's right (far side) tire were damaged enough that it delaminate (for lack of a better term) and detach from the car. That's pretty good evidence that it was slashed, especially if it comes with Run-Flat tires as damage from running over the bikes… » 10/02/13 5:46am 10/02/13 5:46am

Perhaps quite late, but after watching the video again, there is proof that the RR's tires were slashed during the initial confrontation. In the video, around 3.05, you can see a part of the tire detached and rolls behind the highway. So that corroborates what NYPD said about tire slashing during the initial… » 10/02/13 4:05am 10/02/13 4:05am

On the shipping cars to Jakarta... As long your city has a garage with proper hydraulic lift (whole car is lifted while still on its tires instead of lifting using jack points) usable for maintenance, it's much easier to just ship all the consumables and whatever parts needed for the maintenance by cargo and get the… » 6/04/13 11:14pm 6/04/13 11:14pm

Not really. Remember the 10 least powered cars thread? Many are all from the region and some are real bestsellers. A V6 is unheard of outside the upper luxury car bracket, let alone V8. It will be dismissed on massive tax cost, fuel economy and lack of relevance on the 20km/h average speed local traffic... » 5/22/13 11:59pm 5/22/13 11:59pm

Daihatsu Xenia. a 7 seater MPV available with a 989 cc, 63 HP engine. they are thankfully sold only in Indonesia. They finally got a twin airbag just today but still missing a key feature, abs brakes... Weights 1080 kg, 1580 kg curb (maybe, they just said "total"). » 5/15/13 12:03pm 5/15/13 12:03pm